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SwaTanTra Pro is an advanced pain analytics and solutions mobile app (iOS and Android) that allows Yoga Instructors, body workers, massage therapist, healing students and other kinds of alternative healers analyze their client's pain pattern and identify muscles that are the root cause of their client’s pain or restrictions. 

By using its advanced graphical 3-D interface you can mark the pain patterns of your client along with associated symptoms. SwaTanTra Pro will check your inputs against its database of Trigger points and generate a customized trigger point target map in an instant— saving you hours of palpation, eliminating guesswork and increasing the effectiveness of your therapy. 

SwaTanTra Pro also acts as your efficient assistant by storing your client's data and visit details so you can quickly access them see what areas you would like focus on your next session. SwaTanTra also creates home based massage and stretching exercises that you can share with your client so you can help your clients hold on to the progress you achieved in your sessions. Finally SwaTanTra Pro provides you with a free listing of your healing services so you can get referrals from the users of SwaTanTra's basic version who need more hands-on help. 



SwaTanTra Pro Features

  • Powerful Pain Analytics
  • Customised solutions including instructions, videos and graphics
  • Store and retrieve pain patterns and trigger points from previous data to identify chronic issues
  • Share home based exercises via email
  • Free listing to get more business from users

SwaTanTra is currently under development. but you can preorder your copy (no payment required/ no credit card required) by joining our pre-launch email list here.

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