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Shushumna ida pingala nadi chart free donwloadThe Nadis (Sanskrit) / channels are one of the most fundamental concepts in both Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. Almost all poses (asanas) of Yoga or techniques of Thai Yoga Massage are based on either opening the blockages on these SENs/ Nadis or stretching them or contracting them. The SEN/ Nadis of Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage are derived from the Indian yogic system and often have similar sounding names.

The word SEN in Thai is a generic word for “channel”, pathway, route, etc and so is the word Nadi which means river in Sanskrit. In the art of Thai Massage, every technique in it is entirely centered around the application of these channels. Not only to stretch them but also to close and release them thus improving circulation and flexibility more effectively than just asanas.

These high-resolution A3 size 3D charts are anatomically perfect and are created for the larger Yoga community to spread the ancient wisdom of these channels.

Download to study them or frame them in your Yoga studio.

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