Anatomy of Thai Massage

If you are practicing Thai Massage Therapist, then this course is the next step in your evolution. Often as a massage therapist, we tend to abuse our thumbs and fingers while delivering deep pressure to our demanding clients.

By evolving to techniques that use elbows, knees, and other tools, we can give firm pressure with ease. The procedure depends on using the right angle to maximize gravity. In this Advanced Thai Massage course, you will also learn to palpate the SEN for blockages and the principle of delivering intense pressure on the SEN.


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We admit only six students in this Thai Massage course!

Course Objectives

 This Thai Massage Training teaches the student

  • To use hands-free techniques for addressing Trigger Points and Myofascial adhesions. This will help you to reduce the use of thumbs and fingers. Using elbows and knees as tools is crucial for a lasting career as a Thai Massage Therapist. Long Term, excessive use of digits can result in injuries.Students will learn how to use gravity, angle and position in reference to their elbow, knees and foot to deliver the same effect with minimum effort.
  • A primary emphasis of this course is for understanding human anatomy. This course trains you in techniques of postural analysis and how to diagnose possible areas of restriction in their clients. This Thai Massage Course will teach you the basics of postural assessment based on modern anatomical understanding blended with techniques of Thai Yoga Massage in the context of reducing long-term chronic pain.
  • You will also learn how to use a client assessment form and how to maintain documentation for professional practice.
  • The course content includes workbooks and we will use 3D anatomy software and movies to enhance your understanding of what lies underneath the human skin. The objective is to train you to develop tactile intuition and develop the ability to feel through the skin to access deeper layers of the client's condition.


The objective of this Thai Massage Training is to build a level of confidence in the student to take on therapeutic massage as a career in the real world.

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