Thai Yoga Massage Basic Level Course

Thai Massage is an ancient healing art involving intensive work on the body’s meridians utilizing assisted stretching, deep compression, channelization of breath and rhythmic movement. Traditionally performed on a fully dressed recipient lying on a thin floor mat without the use of oils or creams.

Course Description

Thai Massage Basic Course

This Thai Massage training will set the foundation for an enduring practice as a Thai Therapist. By keeping class sizes small, we ensure that every student gets a hand-on learning experience guided by the instructor, making the learning accurate and experiential. It covers about 70 massage techniques with the client lying in a supine position (lying on their back).

The course is most beneficial for Massage Therapists, Body-Workers, Yoga practitioners and people interested in alternative healing. Upon completion students will have a substantial foundation in the major positions of Thai Yoga Massage and can expect to perform a comprehensive 1 ½ hour Thai Massage therapy session for family and friends.

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If you plan to use Thai Massage in a professional context then we strongly recommend that you also take the Thai Massage Intermediate Training.

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