Portable Thai Massage $100

Portable 6 fold Thai Massage mat with Movable Side Section

Open Dimensions: 6.56ft (L) X 3.28 ft (W) X 0.5 in (H) Side Mat Dimension : 2.16 ft X 3.28 ft X 0.5 in

Folded Dimension: 103 cm  or 3.37 ft (L) X   36 cm or 1.18 ft (W) X  14cm 0.13 ft (H)

Out Cover: Cotton blended fabric, removable for washing

Inner Cover : Polyester Hi-Density (HDPE) lining PU coated, sewn permanently, cannot be removed.

Padding – 6mm EVA foam with 6mm PE foam

Color: Dark Blue

Wieght 4.2Kgs

Shipping Charges: Extra depending on delivery address

Delivery time : Within in India (two weeks) International (one month)

Price : USD 99

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To order please fill the form below or write to cyriac@tyms.in

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