Thai SEN: Kalathari


Sen Kalathari is closely associated with muscular, skeletal, skin system and also considered the psychic/mental line. Application for paralysis of arms and leg.s Pain in the arms/legs, angina pectoris, epilepsy, schizophrenia, hysteria, various mental diseases. Cardiac Arrhythmia, arthritic fingers, jaundice, hernia, chest pain, shock, rheumatic heart disease.

Anatomy Chain

Major 1: Starts at the Navel crosses to the Nipples and runs into the armpit. From there down the inside of triceps brachi long head and down to the elbow from there it runs between flexor carpi radialis and Palmaris Longus. On reaching the wrist, it opens into five branches ending at the tip of each finger.
Major 2: Starts at the tips of each finger and runs the reverse path of Major line 1 back to the navel. From here it crosses to the other side of the body down to the groin and down to the upper thigh along the adductors. It then crosses the knee and runs along the between the gastroc and soleus muscle. It crosses the front of the malleolus down under the foot to the Plantar aponeurosis and spreads to the end of each toe.
Major 3: Starts at where the Major line 1 crosses into the armpit at the Pectoralis minor goes up clavicle to the clavicular head of the SCM muscle. From here it goes up the clavicular strand of the SCM and up the face to the corner of the eyes
Minor 1: Starts at the Plantar Aponeurosis goes to the lateral side of the foot up the Peroneus Longus tendon. Once it crosses the knee, it follows the Illiotibial Band. Once it reaches the level of the Greater Trochanter, it cuts back across the Gluteus muscles to the inside of the Iliac Crest and up the back in line with the inside edge of the Scapula. From here it follows up the upper Trapezius muscle to the Occiput. It then runs up the Occiput and cuts forward two fingers above the ear to finish at the lateral tip of the eyebrows.
Minor 2: Starts at Minor line 1 at level with C7 it runs down the arm to the Medial Deltoid. At the end of the Deltoid, it goes between the Brachialis and the Biceps Brachialis to the elbow. Once it crosses the elbow, it runs on the Extensor Digitorum to the wrist and fans out to each finger.

Application :On the legs Line 2 inside and outside. Arm Line inside and outside, Back line 2.

Myofascial Meridian: Lateral line on the Lateral part of the legs. The spiral line in the abdominal area.

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