Every students will get each thai massage move demonstrated on them

Thai Massage Training for Spa Therapists

School of Thai Massage also conducts training for some of the most successful Spas across the globe.

We look forward to working with spas in the US who are interested in presenting their clients the authentic therapeutic effect of traditional Thai Massage.

For those spas that meet our mission of representing and developing authentic Thai Massage (i.e. Thai Massage performed on the floor with the client fully dressed and without the use of oils etc.), we will be happy to create and sculpt a unique package and signature products for your brand.

We also offer recruitment consultancy service, spa management services, and marketing services for our clients based on our faculty’s extensive managerial and marketing experience.

Click here to Inquire or call us in the United States at +1 913-2151277 in India at +91-9886794586 or +91-9449837130 or write into cyriac@tyms.in.

Pain Problems?

Chronic pain? Need help? Jump online and I can help you with identifying your pain patterns and prescribing specific exercises to keep your pain away.

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