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Cyriac Thai Massage Instructor

Cyriac is a father, husband, Buddhist yogi, serial innovator and of course a Thai Massage teacher.

He takes each of his roles with great passion. After living for several years in the Himalayas practicing meditation, healing, and a yogic life, he shares the insights gained from those experiences now in the United States. With more than 640 hours of Thai Massage training in Thailand and nine years of experience, he has been evolving as a teacher over the years. Being born in India, Cyriac was raised from an early age into a yogic culture. Austerity, simplicity, and equanimity took roots as a young boy growing up in the spiritual chaos that is India.

Even though his education in one of the finest business schools took him deep into the corporate world, his desire for a simpler life and a genuine quest for truth never died. After giving up his corporate career, apartment, car and the high life he spent several years traveling. In his travels, he ran quite coincidentally into Thai Massage during a course in Thailand.

Amazed by its healing properties and spiritual origins in India he dove into studying it with many teachers and masters over the several years. Being a traditionalist, a rationalist and a skeptic he brings a strong scientific perspective to Yoga and healing. He believes that healing should be demystified so everyone can learn and practice it.

“Magic is technology that one cannot understand yet”

Khyapa Baba (Bengali: The Crazy Father) Cyriac’s master

Today Cyriac considers his training in Yogic arts from his Guru and Ajarn Pichest as the most critical in developing an authentic understanding of both Buddhism and Thai massage.  Therefore, he brings this tradition and old world authenticity when conducting his classes. Cyriac has worked hard to demystify the art of healing so all his students can experience the technology without abstraction. With a very anatomical and technical approach, his therapy style blends and molds to the client’s needs and empowers his clients to participate in their healing transformations through lifestyle and preventive medicine.

To further this mission of science-based anatomical approach to healing he has spent the past few years developing the mobile self care app based on Trigger Point therapy called Painalog. He is patent holder for its intuitive 3D algorithm and is looking forward to partners who help disrupt the world of alternative pain management.

Cyriac has been teaching Thai Yoga Massage in Bangalore and Mysore in India for several years and is happy to have created a generation of practitioners, there who would make Ajarn Jivaka very happy. 

Cyriac is also available for private courses in other parts of the world minimum of four students.

Write to him at or call him at 913-215-1277  from 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific time to collaborate with him on his new project or to invite him to host a course in your community.

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