Thai SEN: Sahatsarangsi (Left) & Thawari (Right)


Connected to the sense of sight and is hence used for redness/swelling of the eyes. Facial paralysis, toothache, fever, chest pain, manic depressive/psychosis, gastrointestinal diseases, urogenital diseases, arthritis of the knee, paralysis of legs, knee pain. Sen Thawari is used in for Jaundice and appendicitis.

Anatomy chain

Major: Starts at the Navel cuts down to the medial edge of the Rectus Femoris. Down the knee to between the tibia and the Flexor Digitorum Longus. Goes to the top of the foot four finger from the Superior Extensor Retinaculum and cuts back up the leg along the Anterior Tibialis. Once it crosses the knee, it follows the lateral edge of the Rectus Femoris to the tip of the ASIS. Here it cuts back to the Sciatic notch in Gluteus area. At the Sciatic Point, it switches back to the front of the body under the Serratus Anterior to the nipples. From the nipples, it heads up behind the Posterior Scalene to the middle of the eye.
Minor: Starts at the Sciatic notch and goes up the posterior side of the Transversus Abdominis muscle up the middle of the scapula to the Levator Scapulae and then to the top of the head and turns back to the face along the hairline of the ear and ends at the tip of the eyebrows.


Line 1 inside and outside. Line 3 of the Back.

Myofascial Meridian:

Superficial Front Line on the legs

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